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Tile Roofing Solutions You Can Embrace

Tile roofs cut a classic figure next to a dreamy blue sky and fluffy clouds. But as any homeowner who has a tile roof can attest, tile roofs have lasting longevity and durability. As the sun goes up and down each day, tile roofs continually remain strong. However, when your tile roof exhibits some problems, it is important for you to secure the right roofing company for a proper roof inspection. Our team at Renegade Roofing Co. are very experienced and precise when it comes to tile roofing in Deerfield Beach, FL. We make sure that each step of the process is clear and executed correctly.

Tile Roof Restoration and Repairs

As the seasons change, it’s important for homeowners to consider all the roofing maintenance they may have missed out on over the years. Our team at Renegade Roofing Co. is very thorough when it comes to our tile roof surveys. It is important for many vulnerable parts of the roof to be properly inspected. These vulnerable portions of the roof include the chimney, the vents, the skylights, and any flashing. As soon as we are finished with our formal inspection, we can relay the current condition of the roof to the homeowner. At that point, we would be happy to discuss the condition of the roof with the insurance company. Uniquely, we provide insurance restoration services, which have assisted many customers over the years. Give us a call at 954-533-0707.


We Are Your Team When It Comes to Your Tile Roof

As a roofing company, we take great pride not only in our ability to transform roofs, but also to transform the community. Our team at Renegade Roofing Co. is committed to making our community a better place. That’s why we support The Beach Keepers, which is a nonprofit dedicated to cleaning up beaches and supporting the existing ecosystem. With our company, customers receive the benefit of an amazing roof and the knowledge that they’ve made an ethical choice.

Storm Damage Repairs

When terrible storms roll through your neighborhood, your home can be the recipient of some pretty nasty weather. Whether you’re struggling with wind damage or the ravages of the latest hurricane, we can be there for your emergency roof repairs. We would be happy to take your call and get you the care you deserve.

Our Services

Concrete Tile Roofing

Concrete tile roofs are remarkable. Please allow our team to repair and replace your beautiful roof in short order.

Tag and Stick Roof Underlayment

Tag and stick roof underlayment is an important service that we offer. Please feel free to call us for an estimate today.

Tile Roof Replacement

When you need your tile roof replaced, it is important for you to call the leading experts in the roofing industry. We are here to help.

Tile Roof Repair

Tile roof repair is at the forefront of our high-quality roofing services.

Tile Roof Restoration

We can bring your tile roof back to life with our tile roof restoration services.

We Offer Free Roof Inspections

No matter the type of job you need, we are here to guide you to the solution that best fits your situation. 

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